Catching up on the Caswells

Not only is Kenlee over six months old and I haven’t updated this blog since she was two months old (except Micah putting a cute bunny picture up of Kenlee), but we also moved almost three months ago to Houston where Micah is an associate pastor of Bethel Church…which explains the main reason why I haven’t had time to blog…so sorry.  It has been quite a journey these past few months and someday I hope to sit down and write about ALL the crazy things we have encountered during this move (like not having a dishwasher, oven, working kitchen sink, etc., and I do mean etc., when we arrived to our rent house in Houston).  For now hopefully some fun pictures of the last few months will help catch you up on our lives!

Dec./Jan. 2009 (Kenlee’s 3rd Month):





Kenlee loves sitting up in her Bumbo!

img_02252Mason is really into Indians…esp. Scar from The Searchers!


p11608911Wow, look how tall she’s getting!

Jan./Feb. 2009 (Kenlee’s 4th Month)


p12310151We went to the San Antonio Zoo one last time before we moved!

p1231041Can you tell these guys are related or what???

p1231029The Lions are always Mason’s favorite!

p1231048Like Father, Like Son!

p1231068Mason loves reading to Kenlee…

p1231062…and showing her how the toys work!  FYI, that’s the sun, and not a bald spot on head!


p2011161Mason & Kenlee with their Nana Ruby and Papa Bill

p2031196Hollywood here I come!


p2111209Moving Day!  Ready or not, Houston here we come! (there is so much truth in that statement) 🙂


p21412311Happy Valentine’s Day 2009!p2141237Kenlee got her first Pooh bear for Valentine’s Day!



Our sweet girl is 4 months old!

Feb./March 2009 (Kenlee’s 5th month):

p2211365Mason is a natural on the harmonica!

p2271402He’s also really into spelling his name!

p3011406The Dynamic Duo of Superman & Wonder Woman!

img_0365Life is Good! (Be prepared to see a lot of Superman from here on out.)


p3151496Mason & Kenlee with their Nana & Pops and cousins Caroline & Brody!

p3161539Our cute roly poly!

p3191560Kenlee with some of the Caswell clan!

p3221581Kenlee with her Aunt Kara the day of her dedication at church.

p3221586Kenlee with her Grandma and Nana & BigDaddy


p32216601Our sweet baby girl is 5 months old!!

March/April 2009 (Kenlee’s 6th month):

p3231695Meet Clark Kent…



p3291765…and Superman’s sidekick, Wonder Baby!

p4011781Kenlee so proud to be sitting up by herself for the first time!


p4011786She still loves her Pooh Bear!

p4041806Superman made his appearance at an Eggstavaganza!



p4061873Our cute little Easter bunny!

img_0400Daddy took Mason to a U of H baseball game!

p4111997The Easter Bunny brought Mason some cool underwear since he is potty trained! YEAH!

p4112011Easter 2009

p4162068Kenlee got her first bite of cereal on her 6th month b-day!

p4162090What a FUN 6 months!!!

Well, I hope I haven’t totally worn you out with ALL of these pictures!  Hopefully I can keep up with my blog a little more often from here on out!  🙂  

Love & Blessings,







Our Easter Bunny


Kenlee’s 1st & 2nd Month Pics

I started this tradition with Mason…each month during the first year of their life I take their picture in this sweet little chair that the Eastups gave Mason when he was born.  Of course I have been really bad about posting on my blog, so here are months 1& 2 for you to see how much she has changed.  It was really cute in the Month 2 pic because Mason desperately wanted to be a part of this picture, so he is sitting on the edge of the chair about to fall off!  He looks so big next to her!  I also had to attach one other 2nd month pic because it showed how cute Kenlee is watching her big brother and how bummed Mason was not be the center of the pic, and it showed his cute little underoos that he wears occassionally as we “practice” potty training!  Yes, we are now three and just embarking on that fun phase of life!  I’m sure you’ll hear more of that in future blogs!  I can’t believe it will be time to take Kenlee’s 3rd month pic in a couple of weeks!  Time flies! 

Kenlee’s 1st Month Pic!

Kenlee's 2nd Month

Kenlee’s 2nd Month Pics!

Kenlee's 2nd month

Another 2nd month pic

Big Brother Mason

Even though we have our moments of having to make sure Mason doesn’t pat Kenlee’s head too hard or hit her in the face with a slinky or run into her room while she is napping to wake her up by slamming the door really loudly (all of which have happened of course), we still have a little boy who simply loves and adores his baby sister.  He has been so proud to introduce her to everyone.  He LOVES to hold her and give her kisses.  However, we’ve tried to limit him to just touching her toes since he is one of the grimiest kids ever!  I so look forward to watching their relationship grow sweeter and closer with time.  I pray they will always be good buddies!

Here are just a few of the sweet pictures we have of Mason loving his baby sister Kenlee:

Mason holding Kenlee the first time 






Kenlee is here!!

We are so blessed to tell you that Kenlee Grace Caswell was born on Oct. 16th at 3:25pm (sorry that I’m just now posting this)!  She weighed 9 lbs and 9 oz. and was 21 3/4 inches long.  Of course her mom and dad think she is absolutely beautiful!  She looks a lot like Mason looked when he was born.  We are so thankful for a safe and smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl!  Mason has been an amazing big brother, and is so gentle with her!  He especially likes her because she brought him a Buzz Lightyear toy for a big brother gift.  He was sweet and gave her some pink pacifiers and a t-shirt with a little girl playing a guitar on it for her baby sister gift.  God has been so very good to us by blessing us with two beautiful, healthy children and our hearts are filled with thankfulness.   We can’t wait for you all to meet her!



Sleeping BeautyFamily of FourDaddy, Mommy, & Kenlee

Daddy's Little Girl

Kenlee Grace Caswell

Waiting for Kenlee’s Arrival!

Hello All!
Can you believe that I am FINALLY setting up a blog???

I know so many of you have been trying to get me to start a blog for a long time, so I wouldn’t keep taking up so much memory space on your computers with my long emails! 

Well, I have decided to step into the world of blogging and I’m really excited! I promise not to bug you with blog updates too often, but I will try to journal and post pictures from time to time of the wonderful joys of being Micah’s wife and Mason and Kenlee’s mommy.

Love & Blessings,

*I know some of you didn’t get the email that I sent out with family pictures a while back, so I decided to attach it below.

Hi Family & Friends,
I know it has been a long time since I’ve sent out any long email updates or pictures, so I pray that this finds all of you doing very well! We are doing great and are excited to be just weeks away from our sweet Kenlee arriving! She is named after her Pops (Ken) and her Nana & Mommy’s middle names (Lee) that was my great-grandfather’s name. We still haven’t decided on a middle name, so we’ll let you know what that is when we send pictures after her birth.

Mason is so very ready for Kenlee to be here and is very excited about his role as big brother. Of course we have been talking that idea up so much lately, and he has just run with it, but the other day, he looked at me so sweetly and asked, “Mommy, what is a big brother?” I guess he was just wanting to make sure of what he was committing to in this deal. He has loved feeling her kick and even asks how she is feeling from time to time, so hopefully he will be as sweet to her once she gets here as he has been with her in my tummy! 🙂

We had some family pictures made recently, so I thought I would attach a couple to this email. If you want to see all of them, you can go to our friends website at and click on galleries. She is amazing, so if you live in the Austin area and want pictures made, I highly recommend her!

Well, I would love to hear how you and yours are doing. I apologize for being bad about responding to emails lately. I’m horrible about letting emails pile up in my inbox and forgetting to respond since they aren’t on the first page in front of me! I will try to be better I promise!

Love & Blessings,

*If you think about it, please pray for Kenlee’s delivery to be a safe and smooth one. If she is like Mason, and in no hurry to come out, then we will be induced on her due date Oct. 16th. Also, please pray that the epidural works this time…especially if she weighs ten pounds like Mason!

Family pic when pregnant Kenlee

Mason and Tummy